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Tonight we talked to Jasmin from Creating Links about councilling and what it involves especially when its around being told your child has a Disability. Its always a hard thing to comprehend but she gives us some great tips and thoughts to help us deal with that moment. We will keep our discussion with her over the next few weeks and they are not to be missed.

Disability Advocacy

We spoke to David B from Disability Advocacy New South Wales

They help people from all across New South Wales with numerous issues leaded from and to Disability. The website gives you all the tips and tricks needed to get help, expecially if your having trouble getting funding with your NDIS and your at the end of the road they can give you some good old fashioned advice.

Check out there information in your local area

For support

1300 365 085

Sexual Therapist

I had no idea what a sexual therapist did, and how it can help anyone with a young adult or old adult with sexual issues. Jazzy explained all the basics on where to start when your teen or adult suddenly needs support with their bodies, control and where to start.


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