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We have two sessions so far that have taken place with our Network Meetings with Creating Links Disability Services. Our sessions held in Bankstown, NSW are about bringing together services from all over and making a difference in the way we collaborate, learn and build our skills. We want these session to be about talking to each other, find ways of making our services better but also gain knowledge from other services.

Each session we will release a newsletter that collaborates all the information collected on the day, so everyone has the benefit of making a difference and change.

If you would like a copy of the Network Meeting Newsletter just click here.

Good podcast, good place to learn

Ablechat is a place that talks Disability each and every week, Nationally across Australia 

Each week we talk to providers, specialist and supports that work in the care sector of Disability Services. We chat to providers, support networks and leading professionals about making a difference, offering support and building a better community through events, ideas and places. Join us each and every week or listen to our podcasts. 

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Able Chat Updates

Sandy Barwick, Host of Able Chat Radio Program and Network Meetings at Creating Links Disability Services 

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